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    6,418 km²



    With blue skies throughout most of the year, Perth has a Mediterranean climate with long, hot, dry summers, with average temperatures ranging from 27° to 30° C during the day and 15° C at night. Winters are mild with sunny days, occasional rains and average temperatures from 18° to 21° C, with minimum temperatures between 9° and 12° C.



    While being a modern and multicultural capital, it still remains a city with a calm lifestyle.



    Fearing that the French would settle in Western Australia, the British founded the colony of Western Australia, which developed in two places: in the port area that was named Fremantle in honor of Captain Charles Fremantle, one of the first Europeans to land in the region; and in Perth, founded on August 12, 1829.

    Unlike New South Wales, instead of making a colony of prisoners, the government chose to sell the land at affordable prices to some citizens. However, since the population and, consequently, the labor force was scarce, the city developed slowly. The solution, then, was to bring convicts from New South Wales, who helped build bridges, roads and buildings, including the current Colonial Hospital and Perth Town Hall.

    The first major population growth in Perth began in the last decade
    of the 19th century, when there was a gold rush to the West Australian. During this period, Perth got electricity, the first electric trams and the renowned University of Western Australia, founded in 1911. By the beginning of the twentieth century, with the two Great Wars and the Economic Depression of 1929, things got very difficult for Perth, with 10% of its population going to the front and a quarter of its residents without jobs.

    After World War II, there was a second growth cycle in Perth, driven by the rising birth rates and immigration, as well as the discovery of natural resources such as iron ore, natural gas, bauxite and gold in the north of the state. The 1980s saw a curious phenomenon when the population of Perth City declined from 16,000 to 5,000 residents, while the population of Greater Perth suburbs grew rapidly. On the other hand, in the 1990s there was a restructuring of Western Australia's economy, switching from industrialization to services. Central districts such as East Perth and New Northbridge have reinvigorated the city, which has grown and modernized to the point where Perth's population more than doubled between 2001 and 2015.

    Cost of Living

    Cost of Living

    Monthly estimate for one person (without rent): AU$ 1.207

    Public Transport

    Public Transport

    With more than 1,100 buses, 222 wagons and two ferries, train, bus and ferry are the three major public transportation options in Perth, with the city as the main connection point for the entire metropolitan area. The local government, as in much of Australia, encourages people to leave their car at home, and one of the ways is through CAT (Central Area Transit) buses, which operate on regular routes within the Perth CBD area and are a free of charge service to residents and visitors in order to reduce traffic jams. Those who also have benefits are international students, who have a 40% discount on all Western Australia public transportation.

    Bike riding is quite common in Perth, on the streets and cycle paths, whether for recreation, sport or to move around. To get an idea of the popularity, between the years 1998 and 2009 the number of cyclists increased 450%. And the public transport concessionaires themselves encourage the use of bikes, allowing them to be carried for free on trains on weekends, holidays and off peak times on weekdays, and any day or time on ferries.

    Study and Work
    in PERTH

    Located in the far west of the Australian continent, Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is also known as the most isolated capital from another capital in the world. To get an idea, it's faster to get to Jakarta in Indonesia, than to Sydney. Western Australia is the country's largest state and home to most of the Australian Outback. Nearly 80% of WA's population live in the Greater Perth region, making it the fourth largest city in the country and projected to become the third largest in 2050, behind only Sydney and Melbourne.   A quiet, beautiful city with a pleasant Mediterranean climate, Perth is bathed by the Swan River and the Indian Ocean. Its beaches, with blue waters and white sands, are great for surfing. But if what you want is to catch some of the best waves in the world, Margaret River is right around the corner, about three and a half hours drive going south, a region that is also famous for its fine wines.

    Learn more about studying in PERTH

    Why to study in Perth with WEST 1


    • 1) Why study in Perth

      Modern city with excellent infrastructure, natural beauties, clean air, rivers and ocean, Perth has three universities among the 550 best in the world, according to QS World University Rankings 2018, and the University of Western Australia is among the 100 best (93rd) and is the seventh among Australian universities. UWA, as it’s known, is home to over 5,000 international students from 100 countries. Curtin University (262nd) and Murdoch University (501-550th) are the two other universities that complete the list, Murdoch, located east of Fremantle, 20 minutes from Perth’s downtown, is the second oldest university in Australia and has the country’s largest campus.

      According to the same QS World University Rankings 2018, Perth is the 39th best city in the world for students, ranking fifth among Australian cities. Altogether there are 21 world-class educational institutions, which are spread throughout Perth CBD, East Perth and Mount Lawley districts, including TAFE units. English schools are concentrated in Perth CBD, West Perth, Northbridge and Scarborough Beach. In this central area known as CBD, or industrial district, buses are free. And throughout the state of Western Australia, international students have a 40% discount on public transportation.

    • 2) 8 reasons to study in Perth

      1. International students can work 48 hours per fortnight (and full time during vacations);
      2. Elected the 39th best city in the world for students by renowned QS World University Rankings and 5th place in Australia;
      3. It has three universities among the 550 best in the world;
      4. University of Western Australia is among the 100 best (93rd) in the world and is the seventh among Australian universities;
      5. International students have 40% discount on public transportation;
      6. Mediterranean climate;
      7. Largest city in Western Australia;
      8. Modern city, multicultural and quiet at the same time.
    • 3) About Perth

      Greater Perth is home to just over 2 million people, or almost 80% of the entire population of the Western Australia state. The heart of this area is Perth City, which is just under 14km2, located on the northern banks of the Swan River and includes the suburbs of Crawley, East Perth, Nedlands, Northbridge, Perth and West Perth.

      Bathed by the Indian Ocean and with a huge river running through the city, it’s no wonder Perth has a great vocation for water activities. Another great attraction is Kings Park, with its 400 acres nicely distributed with areas for picnics, barbecue grills, hiking and cultural events, as well as beautiful views of the river and the city.

      In the surrounding area, less than 10 km away, Fremantle's harbor area is the oldest and quieter part of Perth with many attractions. From there a 45 minute ferry ride takes you to Rottnest Island, an island with crystal clear waters perfect for those who want to snorkel, surf, sail or simply relax without going too far from Perth.

    • 4) Accommodations in Perth

      When researching a place to live, it’s very important that it be close to your school or that you can easily get there by public transport. We divided the accommodations into two types, according to the duration of the trip:


      Short term

      Hostels Backpackers

      The hostels are good options for those who want to save money with accommodation. The rooms in general are shared, but there are also rooms for couples and private options. Preferred by young travelers, they have quite relaxed environments, with lots of socialization and therefore are very sought after during high seasons.


      They are kinda like hostels but offer private, couples and group rooms. The environment is less busy and more private than hostels, the prices are a bit more expensive, but still cheaper than hotels.


      Long term


      WEST 1 recommends that, at least for the first few weeks, students stay in a homestay, which are homes of Australian families or immigrants who have been in the country for many years. It’s there that the student begins to have contact with the Australian culture, put into practice what they learn at school, get to know the city and ask questions. To participate in this type of program, families are accredited by the Australian government, which guarantees total safety for the student.

      Share accommodation

      After the homestay period, the student will already be more familiar with the school and the city. Feeling more independent, the next step is to share an apartment or a room with other students, many of them of different nationalities, which is a great experience and great for improving the language. The rent is usually paid weekly, and before moving you must deposit the famous “bond”, which is nothing more than an advance that ranges from two to four weeks of rent.

    • 5) Work In Perth

      In Australia, as soon as classes begin, the student can work 48 hours per fortnight (and full time during vacations). In order to do that, it’s important to open a student account at a bank and make the Tax File Number, a record on the Australian Taxation Office that will allow you to get paid by the employer and have your income tax in order.

      Receiving more than two million visitors a year, Perth’s main industry is the services sector, employing around 24% of the workforce in 2013/14. This includes casual, part-time or full-time jobs in areas such as hospitality, food, beverages, cleaning, sales in commerce and construction. A particular feature of Western Australia are the jobs in the mining industry, which in the same period above accounted for 11% of the workforce.

    • 6) Attractions in Perth

      In Perth, be sure to visit Kings Park, the largest park in the city with 400 hectares and areas for picnics, barbecues and walking. Inside, you can visit the War Memorial. Just minutes away, near the Perth Entertainment Centre, the Perth Arena, inaugurated in 2012, is home to great live shows and sports in Western Australia. The design and technology are breathtaking. Another tourist attraction of the city is the Swan River, with several attractions on the river banks and on the river itself.

      Less than 10km away, Fremantle is the port zone with its laid-back atmosphere and dozens of cafes, restaurants, craftsmen and musicians, as well as the famous Art Centre, Maritime Museum and Fremantle Markets. By ferry, Rottnest Island is perfect for diving, fishing, sailing, cycling and of course surfing. With nice waves, Rottnest Island offers better beaches than the metropolitan area of Perth, where good waves break between April and November. Scarborough is the most well-known beach in the metropolitan area. But the best surfing in Western Australia, bar none, is in Margaret River, about 3 and a half hour drive south of Perth, with all kinds of waves for all tastes.

      Once in Margaret River, it’s worth exploring the wine and gastronomy, since the region is internationally known for the great wines that it produces. Going inland, Wave Rock, with its 15 meters high by 110 in length, is a true nature's work of art, that reproduces a giant wave in granite.

      Another whim of nature are the multicolored hive-shaped rocks that are inside the Purnululu National Park in Bungle Bungle, northwest of the state. This region is called Kimberley, an inhospitable area known as one of the last frontiers of Australia, where there are the Gibson and Great Sandy deserts, huge canyons, a crater more than 120km wide due to the fall of a meteorite and reserves with freshwater crocodiles. Also northwest of the state is the Shark Bay Marine Park, another Natural Heritage Site in Australia listed by UNESCO, home to endangered species and many plants considered new by science.

    Did you know?

    • 'Foundation'

      To mark the founding of Perth, on August 12, 1829, a tree was cut in the place where today is Kings Park;

    • 'Rich'

      There are many millionaires in Perth because of the growing mining industry.

    • 'Suuuuuuun'

      Perth is not only the most isolated capital in the world, but also the sunniest. The city provides about 8 hours of sunshine on average per day.

    • 'Remote'

      The capital closest to Perth is Adelaide, more than 2,200 km away.

    • 'Young'

      The average age in Perth is 32 years. The average age in Australia is 37 years

    • 'As well?'

      Perth is the only city in the world where you can fly your own plane and land in the middle of the central business district.

    • 'Biggest in the world'

      King's Park in Perth is the largest park inside a city in the world.


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    • ‘The city is perfect!’

      I've been here for two weeks and I am loving it.

      Patricia Ferreira Reviti

      /wp-content/themes/west1light/imgs/timthumb.php?webp=0&w=200&h=200&zc=1&src=https://west1.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/28-06-2016_00_09_00_13466551_1122860407778931_258659067956019682_n.jpg Patricia Ferreira Reviti <p>I've just started my experience. I've been here for two weeks and I am loving it. The city is perfect!</p> 2016-12-30 30.12.2016
    • Australia
    • Perth
    • Brazil The city is perfect! I am here categoria_2 0 0
    • ‘WEST 1 was crucial to make it a reality!’

      The team is helpful, committed and responsible for making my dream come true.

      Mirella Reis Pereira

      /wp-content/themes/west1light/imgs/timthumb.php?webp=0&w=200&h=200&zc=1&src=https://west1.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/27-07-2015_12_36_14_11028026_10153435485784660_6058404685835329360_n.jpg Mirella Reis Pereira <p>Beautiful city, weather similar to that of Brazil, receptive and cheerful people. Finally, a Brazil that worked. I came twice before deciding to live here and the help of WEST 1 was crucial to make it a reality. The team is helpful, committed and responsible for making my dream come true. Thanks, mates!!!</p> 2015-04-30 30.04.2015
    • Australia
    • Perth
    • Brazil WEST 1 was crucial to make it a reality! I am here categoria_2 0 0

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